Skateistan Update: 2017 The Year of Global Citizenship

In 2016 our theme was the Year of Being Kind, in 2017 our theme will be Global Citizenship. Through the different lessons we learn this year we'll look at questions such as; what does it mean to be a part of a global community? and what are our responsibilities to each other in this community? This is a really important topic for us, as the community and citizens are what makes Skateistan so great!

Our Skate Schools will each do 4 curriculums this year in line with the theme. Starting in January, Skateistan Educators are preparing a curriculum on Science and Environment with a big focus on recycling and gardening. There is also a curriculum on Community Mapping, in which students will design cities and learn about looking after their own. Our students around the world are excited to learning a lot of new things about Global Citizenship!

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From Afghanistan to Cambodia to South Africa, all of our students will be learning about Global Citizenship! Follow our Medium blog for all the Updates.