Citizens of Skateistan: The Educators

In December, we launched the Citizens of Skateistan. Our international community of supporters, skaters, students and staff, who united together to support skateboarding and education around the world. We wanted to tell the stories of our staff and students from our lands of skate in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and South Africa. Many of our staff members started as students, and have gone through Skateistan's programs or become Youth Leaders and are now Educators, who the new students look up to. We shared the stories of Educators; Farzad in Afghanistan, Sovannara and Nhouen from Skateistan Cambodia, plus Wendy from Skateistan South Africa

Around 1600 youth come to Skateistan each week, here are the stories of the Educators and Citizens of Skateistan, who help make it possible. 


My name is Nhouen (Srey Moch). I was born in Kampong Thom province in Cambodia. I grew up with a difficult life. I left my parents to live with my cousin’s family when I was five years old, and moved back home when I was 15. I was studying and working hard to support my family. 

I was really interested in skateboarding. I wanted to play it again...



My name is Farzad I am 16 years old. When I was about four years old I was kidnapped from my house and brought to the city. After several months, I was found and taken to a group home. When I was 13, my uncle saw me on a TV program about children estranged from their families. He came to the group home to take me back, but l did not go with him because I didn’t know him.

Skateistan brought many changes to my life...


Photo by Sam Jam.


My name is Sovannara. I’m 23 years old and I was born in Phnom Penh city. My parents passed away when I was 6 years old, so I lived with my uncle and grandfather. My uncle’s family wanted me to live at an orphanage, but my grandfather didn’t agree.

I can say skateboarding changed my life. I didn’t have many friends before but now I have a lot of new friends and we skate and have fun together...


Wendy, Educator, Skateistan South Africa

I am originally from Zimbabwe. Growing up I lived with both my parents and 3 siblings in Johannesburg. I first heard about Skateistan from my school hockey coach who knew about it. Everything about Skateistan seemed interesting and intriguing so I joined the organisation to be part of the fun and to learn more. I started as a Youth Leader but now I am an Educator, so I help with skateboarding and other activities.


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