Citizens of Skateistan: Farzad's Story

Skateboarding unites people all over the world, so in honor of that fact, this month's Keep Skateistan Rolling will showcase the faces and stories of the supporters, students, skateboarders and staff who are a part of what we do. As Citizens of Skateistan, they share a dream of bringing children together through skateboarding and education. The journeys and stories of the individual students, that have attended our programs, have been incredible. Many of them have gone on to represent their communities or countries, others have taken on leadership roles within the organization. They have all become role models. 

Farzad joined the Skateistan team as a volunteer in June 2013. He is currently working as a teacher in Afghanistan, and pushes himself and his students every day. Farzad is also an extremely talented athlete. A star player on the Afghan national football team, Farzad is acclaimed by his friends and co-workers for his humble attitude and super sweet smile. 

Here is Farzad's story...

My name is Farzad I am 16 years old. When I was about four years old I was kidnapped from my house and brought to the city. After several months I was found and taken to a group home. When I was 13, my uncle saw me on a TV program about children estranged from their families. He came to the group home to take me back, but l did not go with him because I didn’t know him.

Some Skateistan staff came to the group home to do a skate demonstration. l was really interested in sports so they registered me in skate class and l started going to Skateistan. I was a student for three months before I became a volunteer, helping out in skate classes. My teacher Noorzai told me l was very talented and encouraged me, which made me more interested in skateboarding and other sports. I also got along really well with the other teachers and students.

l have worked as a Teacher at Skateistan for almost two years now. At Skateistan I have learned more than skateboarding. I learned how to get along with everyone, how to work hard, be polite, and respect everyone, their country and their people.

Skateistan brought many changes to my life. I found many new friends and I learned how to care for others, especially children who have lost or are living away from their parents. l live with my family again now and after a long time, l am happy with my life. In the future I want to become a pilot with my own airplane so I can take my parents to Mecca. I also want to serve underprivileged children as a skate teacher and show them a lot of love.

Thanks Skateistan. I love Skateistan.

Keep Skateistan Rolling.


Story collected by a Programs Officer at Skateistan Afghanistan.

Farzad teaching a boys Skate and Create class.

Farzad nailing his boardslide during a skate demo.

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