Javier Mendizabal Visits Skateistan Cambodia

Art & skate contest winners celebrate with Javier.

Last month Skateistan Cambodia was lucky enough to host a very special visitor: Pro skater Javier Mendizabal from the Quiksilver Foundation!

Javier came to Skateistan Cambodia as a Quiksilver Ambassador, marking the beginning of an exciting new collaboration between the Quiksilver Foundation, Vuerich B, and Skateistan. The Quiksilver Foundation and Vuerich B have recently released a range of sunglasses made out of recycled skateboard decks - some of which were actually used here at Skateistan Cambodia. A portion of the proceeds from each pair sold will go towards Skateistan and its projects.

During his visit Javier participated in all of Skateistan Cambodia’s day-to-day activities with the students, hosting workshops on the mechanics of a skateboard, giving trick tips, and doing skate demos. At the end of his week long visit, we celebrated with a Skate Jam, which included art workshops and contests for all ability levels, with prizes donated by the Quiksilver Foundation.

The Quiksilver Foundation has been providing support to Skateistan and Skateistan Cambodia in a variety of ways in recent months – they assisted with funding costs for the construction of the ramps for Skateistan Cambodia’s new facility, and additionally provided 40 pairs of brand new shoes for our students. We would like to give a big thanks to Javier and everyone from the Quiksilver Foundation!

Check out this video to see the sunglasses from Quiksilver and Vuerich B, and see the photos below for some of our time with Javier!

Students check out the GoPro footage they just made with a camera donated by Quiksilver.

Students having fun with the hardware during Javier's board mechanics workshop.

Javier talks with the students and volunteer monitors at our partner organization PSE.

A contender in the beginner's contest skates under the limbo bar with grace and style.

Contenders ready to rip for the intermediate contest.

A PSE skatepark monitor pops a big ollie in the advanced contest.

A young student happy to collect her prize for the intermediate competition.

Some students checking out the stencil worshop.

A student practices her new skills with volunteer Alix.