Kabul Update: Celebrating The Future!

Students, staff and families all got together to celebrate the end of the semester in Kabul!

Words and photos by Hamdullah Hamdard.

The last semester of 2016 was on the topic of “Healthy Futures”, which brought many new ideas to the students minds. They learned about how to make better decisions to achieve their dreams and to set goals for life. The semester aimed to improve their self-confidence through knowing about their rights! Also, as part of the lessons, students also learned about cleanliness and how to improve the environment around them. Students want to be wonderful citizens of their city!

To finish the semester, on December 29, we put on an event to celebrate the new skills and confidence our students have developed. During the event, students had the chance to show off their new skills. Two of our confident Youth Leaders were MC’s for the event and it was their first time ever doing so. They enjoyed being presenters for the event, at which over 400 people were in attendance!

At the same time as celebrating the semester end, we also took this opportunity to present certificates to the Back-to-School students who passed second grade. They are only a couple of months away from being enrolled in public school and, some of them will gain scholarships to private schools here in Kabul. That’s a healthy future!

Plus for students part of the Student Council, it was their time to celebrate the completion of the 6-month Youth Leadership program. They learned about democracy, self-confidence and how to be a good leader. The two MC’s of the event were part of the student council and showed off their newly developed public speaking skills.

Another Youth Leader who is also a good skater, showed his musical skills, playing his flute for the audience. We were really impressed — the audience was clapping for him and enthusiastically shouting his name!

Of course, as this was a Skateistan event, students, instructors and staff put on different skateboarding demos. There was also a football match and ping pong competition. Everyone got involved to show all the sports we do, and that everyone at Skateistan is an athlete!