Peace Day Festival 2012

Peace dove with skateboards

“I have seen terrorist attacks, I have seen my mother get beaten, I have seen my siblings crying for a piece of bread but now while preparing for peace day I can really imagine peace inside me which is hard to explain with words.”

Skateistan students have been excitedly preparing for an International Peace Day festival on Saturday September 22 at the Skateistan facility in Kabul. During the festival, 50 students will demonstrate their skills in skateboarding and climbing. There will be musical performances, a photo exhibition and other creative activities are planned to promote peace throughout the event.

To conclude the days event Students will write their wishes on a piece of paper with the theme "When there is peace in Afghanistan I will _________". Then they will tie it to a balloon and let go of all the balloons into the air at one time.

In the past students at Skateistan have worked on the concept of peace, such as making peace murals, theatre plays on peace and many other activities because It is not enough to talk about peace

"One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it."

While working on different activities and preparations for peace day the students have been sharing their thoughts with their teachers. They really can feel that they belong to something; they realize that they are the peacemakers of Afghanistan. 

Below are some of the preperations for our peace day event tomorrow.

Peace day tshirts

spray painting peace mural
Shamsia paints part of the peace day mural

afghan girl spray paint artist
Shamisa is an afghan spray paint artist based in Kabul