International Day of Peace Festival

peace day song

On Saturday 22nd September over 400 Skateistan students, their families and friends students joined together with other young afghans and committee staff  from a variety of Olympic federations and creative organizations. Their joint purpose was the celebration of the UN’s International day of peace and the power of sport to unite communities, cultures and people.

A reading of the Qur’an began the peace festival followed by the Afghan National Anthem and a prayer led by Noorzai Ibrahimi. A speech and award ceremony was presented by General Zahir Aghbar, President of the Afghan National Olympic Committee (ANOC).

Whilst Local musicians played the Skateistan’s girls and boys classes began the days sporting events, showcasing their Skateboarding skills. This was followed by Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Karate, Volleyball and climbing demonstrations by young boys and girls from the Olympic federations. The day activities also included circus skills, a peace day song and ended with the attendees releasing balloons containing their individual ‘wishes’ for peace.

The International Day of Peace was established by the UN General Assembly in 1981 for “commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace within and among all nations and people.”

The Peace Day Festival has been supported by The Killid Group (TKG) in the framework of the European Union funded project “Change Life”.

Preparing the park for the demonstrion

balloons in  a room
The individual peace wishes of students tied to the balloons

madina recieves a medal
General Zahir Aghbar presents Madina with a Medal

madina kisses her medal
Madina was so proud of her medal

girls wait to skate at peace day
Are girls students getting ready to skate

girls go skateboarding
Skateistan girls Skateboarding demonstration

girls skate demo dropping in
Dropping in for the crowds

Fahrid backside ollie
Fahrid - backside ollie during the boys skateboarding demonstraion

singing in a line at peace day

singing and clapping for peace day

circus pyramid

The gymnastics defied gravity

climbing demonstration
Hanifa, Madina, Bilal and Fahrid show of their climbing skills

Taekwondo for peace

girl students watch over the demonstrations

musicans at peace day
Musicians played through the demonstrations

excited boys at peace day
Some of our students enjoying the music

peace day display
Part of the photo exhibition and art display


peace balloons being released