Thank You for your Generous Support

Children's artwork in the hallway at Skateistan Kabul.

Skateistan would like to extend an enormous thank you to everyone that has shared the stories of Khorshid, Parwana, Nawab, Eeza and Navid over the last couple of days, and to everyone that has made a donation. Our Emergency Fund has been fully funded and more, which is unexpected and deeply appreciated.

In these past few days it's become clear that these children not only touched our lives and those of their loved ones, but also hundreds of others in Kabul who met them in the streets over the years. Many people have reached out to us with their memories and sharing photographs that they have of the kids. The outpouring of interest can never undo what has been done, but it has restored some faith in humanity for many of us here. 

Paul Carter is an American who worked in Kabul over the last few years and knew all of the children who died, he wrote: "It did my broken heart well to hear what your organization is doing for kids in Afghanistan. Watching your video of the Girls 2012 skateboarding made me realize that these kids did have a place of refuge to go, play, laugh, and enjoy their lives. They had this place because of people like you, and in this world so filled with media images reporting how bad things are, I am grateful there are people like you and Skateistan... in fact you guys make me proud of my fellow man."

Our team in Kabul has had an extremely difficult and emotional week so far, coming to terms with a huge loss, yet wanting to continue our daily activities and give our students and staff the opportunity to share their memories and their grief with each other. Each of our daily classes has included a special memorial service for the youth that passed away.

Since the incident on Saturday September 8th, Skateistan's 20+ staff in Kabul have pulled together to connect with the families and to provide support. A funeral for Khorshid, Parwana and their cousin was held by their families in Kabul, with all local staff in attendance to give their condolences for the tragedy that's occurred. Today five staff members visited the family to provide photographs of the girls, talk about memories, and to organize gravestones and fortification to protect the graves from weather-damage.

Navid, the student who survived the attack and is recovering in hospital, was visited immediately following the incident and will again be visited by staff tomorrow to get information on whether his injuries require treatment that is unavailable in Afghanistan, and to discuss ways to support his family during his recovery period. He will be out of the hospital likely this week or next.

Visits to the other families are being organized in coming days.

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