'UNICEF Sport for Education' Award Winners

Oliver receives the 2013 UNICEF sports for education award at the Beyond Sport summit

Oliver receives the 2013 'UNICEF Sport for Education' award at the Beyond Sport summit.

We are delighted to announce that Skateistan has won the 2013 'UNICEF Sport for Education' award at the Beyond Sport summit in Philedelphia, USA. Skateistan's Executive Director and Founder Oliver Percovich was in attendence at the Beyond Sport summit to collect the award.

Skateistan is proud to continually push the limits of what is achievable when reaching out to youth through sport (in our case skateboarding!), arts, and creative activities. Skateboarding has been able to unite and inspire our students, staff, and supporters, and winning this Beyond Sport award will provide new drive and motivation to reach even higher.

The UNICEF Sport for Education award was judged on the following criteria

  • That the project uses sport to deliver a demonstrable increase in the number of children accessing education or in the quality and relevance of education they receive
  • Showing that gender has been taken into consideration as an integral part of programme planning
  • That the views of the children and young people involved in the project have been taken into account in the design of the project, and that they are involved in planning and running it, and in its monitoring and evaluation

In 2012 Skateistan won the 'Sport for Innovation' award, a special jury prize. In addition to global recognition received by such a prestigeous award, Skateistan received a package of substantial business and strategic support and exclusive access to partnerships and media opportunities. We hope to again utilise these packages to develop Skateistan as a globally respected and effective organisation.